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Shatone LLC
59 Wellington Mill Rd
Whitesburg, GA 30185
Phone: (770) 834-1144
Fax: (770) 834-1108


Chris Close
Phone: (404) 428-8621
Email: cclose@shatone.com


Shatone’s unique name was derived from a combination of the names of its original owners: SHAron & TONy Neja

Shatone’s first location was a 60 X 60 area in the rear portion of Sharon and Tony’s well established welding supply business.

The company’s first day of production began in Oct. of 2005 with only one employee. With a large increase in business, Shatone was forced to rent additional shop space in order to assemble large equipment that was fabricated at the original site. The separate shop areas soon became a negative factor in production. This lead Tony and Sharon to look for land to expand their facility.

In January of 2008, Shatone purchased 12 acres of land with one 50 X 80 existing building in Whitesburg, Georgia. After renovating the building, the office and machine shop moved to the new location.

In early 2009, an additional 11,000 square foot fabrication shop was built with a 20 ton crane in high bay and a 5 ton crane in the second bay. At this time Shatone had grown to 11 full time and 3 part time employees.

We regret to report Tony and Shatone recently suffered the loss of Sharon Neja. Sharon passed away in 2010 following a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

CAD Engineering

We have 100 plus years of engineering expertise to provide multi-discipline engineering to facilitate the completion of your project. We work with the latest design and programming software and can accept multiple file formats.

Precision Manufacturing

We provide fabrication & machining solutions utilizes state of the art CAD and CAM software packages. We accept almost any type of computer graphics file, or you can simply send us a sample of your artwork. We can scale it up or down and manipulate the geometry to produce a cost effective product.

Materials that we work with: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Brass, Copper, Duplex Stainless, and more.

Finishing and Assembly

At Shatone we have a well-rounded team of personnel that can assemble your equipment. With the capabilities to assemble mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic products, we are able to accommodate many large assembly projects in our assembly area. We welcome projects that specify assembly requirements.

Industry Showcase

Paper Mills

We work frequently with paper mills across the country providing industrial fabrication and installation.